2022 Wedding Trends

couple on a wedding day
Keeping the guest list to a reasonable number is a great way to maximize the amount of time you can spend with your guests. This year, the trend toward smaller celebrations is gaining momentum. Just 17% of couples surveyed want to invite 100 people or more. Most expect to invite 30 to 75 people. This means there’s room for many more unconventional ideas, such as hosting a farewell brunch or a small rehearsal dinner. As for d├ęcor, dried flowers will be big in 2022. A few trends you can incorporate into your wedding include a rustic theme, which is both stylish and earth-friendly. You can also opt for bespoke floral designs and monogrammed initials. A huge trend to consider is including a secret message in the veil. You’ll have even more fun if you incorporate a favourite flower into your veil. just married couple Some couples are embracing non-traditional wedding attire. Whether it’s a jumpsuit, sequins, or a mini dress, a bride can wear what she loves. Hair and make-up are often done at home, which can save money while giving the bride a more natural look. Alternatively, you can hire a professional make-up artist and do the makeup yourself. It’s a great way to get the perfect look without having to worry about what the professionals think. The two-day celebration is still popular in 2022. The trend of extending the wedding isn’t just limited to the date, but the entire event. In fact, a two-day wedding can be a wonderful experience, both cosy and memorable. You can have the best of both worlds by planning your own special day. So, if you’re planning a dream wedding, don’t let the trends overwhelm you. Colour is a key factor for the wedding. Colours are a great way to create a fun atmosphere and speak to your shared interests. There’s nothing more intimate than a backyard wedding or a destination elopement. If you’re looking for a more modern and stylish wedding, then you’ll find plenty of ideas in the new trends of colour. This trend is set to continue for several years. The next few decades will reveal more about these trends.