Organizing a Wedding

wedding table

How to organize a stress-free wedding: follow the steps!

Have you decided to get married but don’t know where to start? If what you want is a perfect wedding, but also stress free, this is the article you were looking for! Find out how to organize a stress-free wedding in these steps. 1. Visualize the big day. Will you marry in town or in church? If you prefer the civil ceremony and imagine getting married under a pergola of flowers, halfway between the green of a Mediterranean garden and the blue sky, look for a wedding location that allows you to celebrate the civil ceremony outdoors, without forcing guests to long journeys to the banquet. 2. Establish your budget. Pay attention to the expenses that almost all spouses forget to calculate! 3. Cast the date and time of the wedding. The most popular are the evening weddings. 4. Choose your team. It’s the right time to contact a wedding planner who will help you step by step to organize the wedding of your dreams. 5. Start drawing up your guest list. How? By choosing between an intimate wedding or with many guests. 6. Book! As soon as you know the date and number of guests you are ready to stop the location, do not wait too long, especially if you have chosen one of the most popular days. 7. Tell friends and family about the good news. The best way to do it is as soon as possible, but expect incomprehensible reactions! wedding cake 8. Choose the witnesses and communicate it to them. Remember that they need a special gift. 9. The exciting search for the wedding dress begins for the bride! Follow the commandments and look for the studio closest to you. The choice of the dress is the most important moment of the organization. 10. Start thinking about the wedding menu. 11. Start looking for floral decorations and think about how you would like your bouquet. 12. What entertainment do you want for the party? DJ set, animation (not vulgar), string quartet or swing? 13. Find the right photographer for you! Browse his portfolio and follow expert advice to find the right one. 14. Contact and book accommodation for guests who come from afar. 15. Explore styles, themes and colors for a modern wedding. 16. Create your wedding list online, fast and elegant way to receive exactly what you want and avoid nightmare gifts! 17. Optional: take out insurance against any unforeseen events. 18. Contact the musicians for the ceremony or prepare the playlist. 19. Order the dresses of the boys and bridesmaids. 20. Start organizing your honeymoon because the earlier you book, the less you spend!