The Ideal Groom Suit

Three-piece wedding suit: the ideal suit for the modern and versatile man

Jacket, coordinated trousers and vest, the three-piece suit is undoubtedly considered the men’s formal suit par excellence. Dedicated exclusively to formal and elegant occasions, like wedding day, it is a must for the classic groom but at the same time also for the more innovative one, who will be able to customize the look with tailored details. How much history is hidden behind this iconic garment? We’ll tell you in the next paragraphs: don’t miss the opportunity to take a dip in the history of fashion and learn how to correctly match elegant shoes and accessories to your outfit!

Historical introduction

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, the men’s three-piece suit was born to embody the classic dress code par excellence. During the 1950s, however, something changed and men’s fashion experienced a major turning point: the looks became more informal and the traditional three-piece suit had been replaced by decidedly more casual clothes! In recent years, all those values ​​of classic masculine elegance have been rediscovered and so also the famous outfit made up of jacket, trousers and vest is strongly back in vogue as an iconic garment of ceremonies and formal events. Nowadays, a groom wearing a three-piece suit expresses a refined and precise style, while maintaining the modern and versatile aspect typical of contemporary man.

Three-piece suit: the characteristic

When we talk about a three-piece suit, often the first qualities that come to mind are the practical sense, the contemporary image and the modern style. This is because, unlike other men’s suits such as the tailcoat or the tight, the three-piece suit is much more comfortable and adaptable to any situation. In fact, it could be right both in a classic ceremony and next to a princely lace wedding dress in a super romantic wedding! So let’s analyze in detail the elements that make up this look.


To determine if an outfit is successful, the choice of the jacket is fundamental. Cut, lines and shape determine the image of the groom, enhancing all his physical qualities: a small mistake, however, could transform an elegant look into a real catastrophe!

As a general rule it can be said that the jacket of the three-piece suit must always be single-breasted and with two buttons. If this were not the case, the risk would be to make the figure too heavy, already emphasized by the presence of the vest. Finally, the clutch pocket, the welt pockets with flap on the sides and the slits, which can be side or single in the center, are inevitable.



Unlike jacket and vest, trousers offer far fewer opportunities for customization. It refers to the rules of the classic style, with a straight leg and medium waist. The more modern groom will also be able to choose a slimmer line trousers if he wishes, but without looking for great stylistic changes. On the other hand, any form of cuff is absolutely banned! In conclusion, it is important to remember that the trousers must be in the same color and fabric as the jacket, an essential prerogative of the three-piece suit.


In a wedding where the fil rouge is marked by a particular shade, the woman can have fun by choosing a colorful wedding dress or very original accessories, but the man? This is when the vest comes into play! In classic suits, the so-called waistcoat is the most subject to customization.

Many spouses prefer it in contrast, in nuances ranging from sky blue to pearl gray, but there is no shortage of the more eccentric who prefer refined fabrics such as damask or brocade. However, this does not mean that the contrasting vest is a rule in three-piece suits! The more traditional variants in fact provide it in a solid color, in exactly the same color and fabric as the jacket and pants.

How to wear it?

If the main attribute of the three-piece suit is its versatility, the fact remains that it can be worn in any season. Just pay attention to the materials! For late autumn or winter weddings, 100% wool fabrics are the most recommended, but blends of wool and silk or wool and mohair are also fine as long as they weigh more than 270 g / m. During the summer the groom can take into consideration all fabrics weighing less than 260 g / m, fresh wool in the first place.

And what about the colors instead? The code of classic masculine elegance indicates blue in all its shades for spring and summer weddings, referring the gray palette to the coldest time of the year. The favorites are navy blue, midnight blue, as well as anthracite gray or London smoke, but there is also room for creativity: the best fashion houses often include proposals in their collections in very bright tones or alternatively extremely clear and delicate.

Accessories to complete the look

When it seemed that the three-piece men’s suit no longer concealed any secrets, here they come, the inevitable accessories! To present yourself in front of your beloved with an impeccable image, it is also necessary to identify the correct way to combine all the other elements that will complete the dress. Just a few more steps and the path to the perfect look will be over!


As well as the jacket and trousers, the shirt must also follow the dictates of the classic style. The detail of fundamental importance is the neck, which in this case will be French or Italian depending on the type of tie chosen. As for the colors, the choice is reduced to white or light blue, even if the former is undoubtedly the most recommended in ceremonial events such as your wedding.


It goes without saying that in the classic three-piece suit the bow tie is not at all considered! Indeed, it could only be in some cases, for example when the theme of the reception allows it or if the groom in question has a particularly whimsical personality. In all other circumstances the tie is unquestionably a must, but how to choose it?

First of all that it is of excellent quality and preferably in silk. Very often it may happen to find jacquard with very small designs even if the more classic spouses can easily orient themselves on the solid color. Don’t forget to choose a light shade for morning weddings and reserve the dark ones for afternoon or evening ceremonies!


For a man the selection of footwear to wear to the wedding is certainly easier and faster since he will not have hundreds of décolleté, jeweled sandals or flat shoes to choose from! With a three-piece wedding suit it is always advisable to wear classic men’s black calfskin and lace-up shoes. The right compromise between style and elegance, an absolute guarantee to avoid any type of error!