Why Choose Trumpets For Your Wedding Ceremony

Groom and bride dancing
If you want to give a special and unique touch to your wedding ceremony, you can opt for the beautiful music played by a brass quintet consisting of trumpets. Trumpets are the most famous and traditional instrument of a brass band and they are used to play different musical pieces such as civilizational, spiritual, folk or classical music. They are considered to be the bright and central part of any ceremony whether it is a religious service or a common wedding ceremony. The sound of the trumpet adds a majestic touch to the whole ambiance. The most famous trumpeters of this century are Robert E. Brown, Junior Parker, Dorsey Brothers, Elton John and Neil Young.

A Little History Of Musical Instruments For Weddings

The first musical instruments for weddings were made primarily from wood as well as a few porcelain components. In general the more complex the musical instruments for weddings the higher the price tag. However, they were generally better than playing on a fiddle. In fact, many of the early DJs were persons who specialized in making this type of music. For thousands of years, the violin and viola were the principal musical instruments for weddings and courts throughout Europe. The same sort of prestige went with the guitar, which was also used by European Royalty as well. In recent times the instruments have fallen out of favor somewhat in favor of the piano and the organ. But the violin is still popular and a great musical instrument to play at any type of celebration. A guitar with wedding decoration on it

Wedding Ceremony Music Basics

There are some traditional wedding ceremonies that do not involve any other musical piece except for the standard music played by harpists and the like. In those cases, a trumpet is played during the wedding ceremony by a single trumpeter on the right. This makes the event more romantic and symbolic. In some other cases, there may be two trumpeters. The one playing the trumpet on the right will play the first few bars followed by the second trumpeter on the left. Thus a three-piece band with four musicians will play the first two bars followed by the rest of the piece being played by a different trumpeter each time. wedding ceremony

Why Choose Trumpets?

The trumpet has had a long history of use in festive occasions and for that reason, its added brilliance to weddings has made it very popular. The entrance of a royal king and queen or the entrance of a beautiful bride and her soon-to-be husband requires the same elegance and grandeur. In addition to being played during the actual ceremony, trumpet music is also used during the cocktail hour and the wedding breakfast. It adds a wonderful flavor to the dishes served. Some people even prefer to use a CD of trumpet music at the wedding reception so that all the guests can have their share of the fun. A complete set of wedding music includes trumpets, clogs, gowns and tuxedos. They can either be purchased from the bride’s closet or else you can rent them from a reputable rental store for the duration of your wedding celebration. a man playing trumpets at a wedding

Final Notes

Whether you are getting married outdoors or in a church cathedral, classical music played by a harp, brass ensemble, or a wedding orchestra is sure to set the tone you have in mind for your ceremony. And if that tone is joyous and exciting, then choosing trumpets for your wedding is the way to go.